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See more about the GraphQL API here:


gh_gql(query, ...)



The GraphQL query, as a string.


Name-value pairs giving API parameters. Will be matched into endpoint placeholders, sent as query parameters in GET requests, and as a JSON body of POST requests. If there is only one unnamed parameter, and it is a raw vector, then it will not be JSON encoded, but sent as raw data, as is. This can be used for example to add assets to releases. Named NULL values are silently dropped. For GET requests, named NA values trigger an error. For other methods, named NA values are included in the body of the request, as JSON null.


Note: pagination and the .limit argument does not work currently, as pagination in the GraphQL API is different from the v3 API. If you need pagination with GraphQL, you'll need to do that manually.

See also

gh() for the GitHub v3 API.


if (FALSE) {
gh_gql("query { viewer { login }}")